Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bulbs are popping!

Yesterday M and I went on a flower hunt because M needs flowers. M needs spring! And I was so excited to see my hyacinths beginning to pop up. I had planted them in a raised bed and I really wasn't sure if they would survive the winter. They did! And then today, something even more amazing! I had purchased a boatload of bulbs in the fall and took what I thought was too long to plant them. I planted some next to the house, and others in a spot and then covered them with what turned out to be frozen mulch. I could have sworn that the bulbs would not survive the winter, but today I saw the bud of a bulb popping up from the mulch and I am so ridiculously happy. I'll take pictures tomorrow. I honestly don't remember what I planted. I think I kept the bags somewhere. I still have more bulbs to plant. I figured that if all the ones I planted late last fall didn't survive, I might have a fighting chance with the ones that I kept in the basement for the winter. Yeah, I'm a gardener who knows what she's doing.

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